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  1. Having taken time to observe the challenges of our time, and the continuous struggle for Nigeria's socio-economy, by which we have become overwhelmed in recent times, and the despondency in the land, occasioned by increased suffering among the majority of Nigerians, a group of Nigerians with common interest in finding solutions to the issues, chose to come together and form the Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP).
  2. The party - as the name implies - is focused on bringing back the abundance for which Nigeria is known - in terms of human and material resources, and ensuring that that abundance is shared by all (shared prosperity). The second concern of the party is the need for a renaissance and renewal for the country; a feat that will be achieved when dynamism is entrenched in the socio-political process and new ideas are brought on board, especially from Nigeria's largest demographic - the youths.
  3. The party therefore commits to increasing the participation of young people in the governance of their fatherland, without prejudice to, and without alienating other demographics, especially older people.
  4. The party notices the urgency of the moment, and the gutting of the nation's finances by ills such as corruption, nepotism, and general mismanagement of the country's social, political and economic spheres, and the need to actively and swiftly take action.


One of the chief concerns of the party is how to rid Nigeria of the corruption problem which has seemingly taken on a life of its own. To this extent, as the party will go ahead and develop inclusive and systematic strategies to eliminate corruption in Nigeria's public space, all members must commit to a zero-tolerance stance on corruption in all their dealings. Party members must not give or take bribes or corrupt processes which they handle


In order to live our green commitment, and as the first political party in Nigeria with expressly stated goals around the environment - its sustainability and its care - members shall endeavor to engage in environmentally-sustainable practices as well as be actively involved in cleanups and other sanitation events which the party will sponsor from time to time. Party launchings should be accompanied with such events like cleanups, free environmental education to Nigerians, and tree-planting, among others.


Because the party is committed to transparency as a mark of its distinction, all party events will be made transparent and subject to scrutiny as much as possible. Nominations for positions will be based on open competition articulation of intent and ideas, and debate. Where we have only one person vying for a position, they shall still make a presentation of what they intend to achieve so as to cross-pollinate ideas and get value-addition from members and executives. We shall endeavor to avoid the word "secret" in any of the party's undertakings.


Because we agree that Nigeria's God-given resources have not been well-managed in the past, the party and all its members in all their undertakings shall commit to frugal management of public and private resources in line with global best standards. On no occasion should we be seen to squander national resources for personal comfort or aggrandizement.


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