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Constitution of Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party



    (1) Enactment
    (2) Supremacy of the constitution


    (1) Name of The Party
    (2) Logo /Emblem of The Party
    (3) Flag of the Party
    (4) Motto of the Party
    (5) Slogan of the party
    (6) Registered office of the party


    (1) Aim of the Party
    (2) Objectives of the Party
































Having taken time to observe the many challenges that have in recent times overwhelmed our Nation, the despondency in the land, occasioned by worsening standards of living among the majority of Nigerians, the moral and ethical decadence across the land, and the half hearted struggle in recent times to evolve solutions for the overall betterment of our nation, a group of Nigerians with common interest in finding solutions to the issues, chose to come together in December 2016 to form the Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP), herein after called the “Party”.

Given the wasted and wasting opportunities, the loss of human and material resources and the gradual slide into hopelessness and despondency in our society, bringing back the abundance for which Nigeria is known – in terms of human and material resources, and ensuring that, that abundance is shared by all (shared prosperity) is now a huge imperative.

Our nation is therefore in dire need of renaissance and renewal, a feat that will be achieved when dynamism is entrenched in the socio-political process and new ideas are brought on board, especially from Nigeria’s largest demographic – the youths.

Ours is therefore a party with the strongest commitment to increasing participation of young people in the governance of their fatherland, without prejudice to, and without alienating other demographics, especially older people. We shall therefore also commit to increasing the participation of women in politics in a way that enables the country to benefit from the limitless mental resources, managerial and leadership capabilities of Nigerian women across the length and breadth of the nation.

The party notices the urgency of the moment, and the gutting of the nation’s finances by ills such as corruption, nepotism, and general mismanagement in the country’s social, political and economic spheres, and the need to actively and swiftly take action. We believe that we are the ones we have been waiting for, and we are willing and ready to seize the gauntlet and do right by Nigerians by setting a new ethos of leadership that will transform our motherland to the desirable, abundant and renewed hub of humanity that we all desire it to be.

We look forward to a day in our Nation when political offices shall become so unattractive that people will be begged to occupy them, and those who shall, will be those who are willing and able to make the steep sacrifice, in human effort, hard intellectual rigor, and time. For this reason, we shall defend our core principles of transparency, simplicity, and commitment to frugal resource management in line with global best practices.



  1.      In furtherance of all the above, and other purposes hereinafter stated, We the members of the Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP), hereby enact and give to ourselves and the party, this constitution, to guide our operations, interaction, governance and general conduct and affairs.
  1.      This constitution is subject to, and conforms to the provisions of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended), the Electoral Act 2010 (as amended), and the Guidelines for the Registration of Political Parties issued by the Independent National Electoral Commission (2014).



  1. Subject only to the provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended), and all extant laws in force in the Federal republic of Nigeria, this constitution shall be supreme in respect of all affairs pertaining to the party, its members and all organs of the party, and its provisions shall have binding force on all members.




  1. The party shall be known as Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP). The name was carefully chosen by its founding members to reflect its commitment to an ABUNDANT NIGERIA and the need to do things in new ways to ensure the RENEWAL of NIGERIA.



  1. The Logo/Emblem of the party shall be a laptop computer from whose screen sprouts a young plant with fours leaves all set in a green bordered map of Nigeria. The names of the party will be written in white color set in deep green.




  1. The flag of the party shall be the full emblem of the party set in white background. 

(a) The white in the flag signifies our commitment to peace and unity in Nigeria at all times. The leaves signify our commitment to the environment, to the greening and renewal of Nigeria by people whose ideas are constantly refined and renewed. The computer/laptop signifies that we are a party driven by technology and geared towards technology driven development in all spheres of our national life.


  1. The Party Motto shall be “Renewal, Renaissance, Respect!”

Members shall model this ideal to our nation by refraining from acting in ways inimical to the sound progress of the party and of Nigeria as a whole. Members shall commit to the astute and frugal management of Nigeria’s human, material and natural resources wherever such may be encountered. Members shall consider themselves ambassadors of the message of environmental protection and sustainable development and defenders of Nigeria’s resources.

There was a time when Nigeria ‘workedand when its citizens enjoyed a good life, when its institutions were functional. We commit to restoring the ideals and the attitudes that gave the nation those halcyon days, the days before the moral and ethical fabric of our nation gave way to the pervasive decadence. This is our commitment to renaissance.

The party is established on respect; for ourselves as members, for the leadership within the party, for elders, for our peers, for the Nation, its peoples, its future, its children born and unborn, the environment, its human and natural resources, for Africa, the world, the community of humanity and for God Almighty.
Our members will model respect in; communication, decorous conduct, and in particular shall avoid acts that constitute public nuisance, harass and/or oppress citizens in any form or shape, or conduct that are targeted at denigrating or dehumanizing any person, group of persons, or section of the nation or address members of our party, other parties, or organizations in indecorous manners in the name of politics.

In all affairs our party will espouse the respect and dignity of the ‘Nigerian citizen and voter as the reason for the existence of the nation.


  1.  The Slogan of the party shall be – “Abundant Nigeria!” “This is our Own

The slogan shall constitute the greeting in all party activities and members shout it and raise up their right fist at the same time in the following call and response manner



(6)     Our registered head office shall be located within Abuja, Federal capital Territory.




(1)     The aim of the party is to achieve an Abundant Nigeria where ALL    citizens can co-exist peacefully and enjoy the Abundance for which        Nigeria is known.

(2)     The Party shall therefore pursue the following objectives:

  1. To pursue and fulfill all the provisions of its manifesto, which are hereby incorporated into this constitution as if they are part hereof, organs of the party and its members shall adhere strictly by its manifesto, towards achieving all the promises therein, and more, for the betterment of our country Nigeria, and for humanity at large.
  2.  To adopt and implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations or other laudable global best standards that may emerge, and for the avoidance of doubt the Party SDG commitments are as follow:                                                       
  3. Poverty reduction

ii.     Food Security
iii.    Good health systems and citizens well being
iv.    Access to quality education
v.     Gender equality
vi.    Clean water and sanitation
vii.   Affordable and clean energy
viii. Decent work and economic growth
ix.    Industry, innovation and infrastructure
x.     Reduced inequalities
xi.    Sustainable cities and communities
xii.   Responsible consumption and production
xiii. Climate action
xiv. Life below water
xv.   Life on land
xvi. Peace, justice and strong governance institutions
xvii. Partnership for achievement of goals

All members shall learn about these goals and always work towards achieving them.

  1. To drive programs that will refocus Nigeria towards its environmental uniqueness and the bountifulness of its God-given endowments, which must be nurtured, cherished, preserved, enlarged and not plundered.
  2. To draw the attention of Nigeria back to improvement of productivity by focusing on secondary and post-secondary school employment for our youth between the ages of 18 and 24, as a fundamental way of (i) Solving the poverty problem (ii) eradicating food insecurity in our land. (iii). Reducing or eliminating social insecurity, including tribal and religious crisis which thrives because of poverty (iv) Creating a new class of spenders, by putting money in the hands of our youth for work done, and thus growing Gross   Domestic Product (GDP), by at least 10% year on year. (v) Reducing corruption by reducing pressure on working parents since their children can earn (vi). Promoting made-in-Nigeria goods by creating the effective demand from Nigeria youth of this age, earning comparatively low salaries. (vii). Creating graduate employment by enabling tertiary institution graduates to supervise youths between the ages of 15 – 24 who will do light work within the country. (viii). Improving tourism; by ensuring adequate security through mass youth employment. (ix). Giving the youth of Nigeria ownership of the future of their country; by empowering them early, and infusing in them a sense of responsibility and order (x). Fostering financial inclusion among the youth, by integrating their financial records on time, get them to open bank accounts, inculcate the tax culture and responsibility to society among them (xi). Improving the battered image of Nigeria, by reducing the sheer number of desperate Nigerian youths who emigrate and fall into crime in strange lands,  and become victims of human trafficking or perishing in deserts and oceans.
  3. To encourage the participation of women and youth in politics, bearing in mind the fact that these constituencies are more resourceful, committed and connected with modernity and need to play a prominent role in the renaissance of our country.
  4. To uphold and promote the unity of Nigeria, and through its policies and pronouncements, continue to sell the need for a great, united Nigeria to the people.
  5. To uphold the tenets of justice, fairness, egalitarianism and equity as unshakeable ideals by which Nigeria will achieve progress.
  6. To actively encourage girl child education
  7. To sustain reasonable economic, social and political interest of its members and act as a median between its members and other relevant institutions.
  8. Bearing in mind that a country is judged by how it treats its most vulnerable, the party shall stand in the gap for the citizens in Nigeria and elsewhere, who are unable to speak for or defend themselves and these include children, rural women, and those who are physically or otherwise challenged.
  9.  To positively affect and influence some of Nigeria’s extant cultural beliefs some of which promote non-objectivity, victimization of people based on gender, disability or other factors that people do not willfully choose, unsustainable wastefulness in celebrating or observing cultural events, and other related issues that erodes Nigeria’s resources and are not in conformity with global best practices of frugality and value- for-money.

The party shall achieve the above through strict implementation of its manifesto and the dynamic evolution of relevant policies that take into consideration changes in society, and the need to respond briskly.


(1)     All members shall abide by a code of ethics and be guided by the    highest standards of accountability and discipline at all times. The     party shall, through its structures, abide by the highest standards of       corporate governance such as to give example to the entire nation    and elicit the trust of the common man.

(2)    All members of this party shall respect religious, ethnic and other cultural diversities between fellow-members, Nigerians and the         world at large.

 (3)   All members shall show utmost and mutual respect in internal communications, and their engagement with external parties. All members shall constantly remind themselves of our commitment to    respect as enshrined in our Motto.
(4)     To this extent all members shall carefully choose their words when addressing fellow members and even members of the public. All members shall maintain a culture of immense caution, civility,    maturity and modernity.
(5)    All members shall abide by party rules and regulations, and shall be guided by this constitution. On no account shall members breach party protocols and violate the structure and organs of the party.



(1) The party shall make the elimination of the corruption problem, a chief concern and shall take appropriate steps to model a Zero corruption culture within the party and shall develop inclusive and systematic strategies to eliminate corruption in Nigeria’s public space to wit:

a.       All members must commit to a zero- tolerance stance on corruption in all their dealings.
b.       Party members must not give or take bribes or corrupt processes, which they handle.
c.      Also, anyone elected or appointed into office on the platform of our party MUST OPENLY and PUBLICLY declare their assets and liabilities when they commence service to the nation, and when their tenure ends.
d.       In all things, the party shall emphasize morality over legalism, by going the extra mile to prove to Nigerians that we are here to make a   real difference.


  1. The Party shall in all matters and at all times model a commitment to the environment to be known as “Our Green Commitment” which shall contain our expressly stated goals around the sustainability and care of the environment.
  2.  All members shall endeavor to engage in environmentally-sustainable practices as well as be actively involved in environmental protection activities, cleanups and other sanitation events which the party will sponsor from time to time such as free environmental education to Nigerians, and tree-planting, among others.


The Party shall be committed to transparency in all matters, and all party affairs and processes subject to reasonable limits shall be made transparent and subject to scrutiny, and for the above purposes, the following shall apply
a.       Nominations for elective positions in the party or as party flag bearer      shall be subject to:

  1. Open nomination
  2. Open presentation of intent and programs by contestants
  3. Open Debates.

        And Where we have only one person vying for a position, the         person shall make a presentation of what they intend to achieve in           the positions they vie for, so as to cross-pollinate ideas and get   value-addition from members and executives.

b.     Our internal voting shall be either by show of hands, by open        collation of votes where electronic voting is adopted or where      practicable by the queuing behind the candidate of choice otherwise          known as  ‘option A4’.
d.     No party affair shall be conducted in secrecy and the party shall      endeavor to avoid the word ‘secretin any of the party’s         undertakings, PROVIDED ALWAYS that the exclusion of members from meetings and decisions which they are excluded from by this constitution shall not in anyway constitute secrecy or a breach of this section of the constitution.


Because we agree that Nigeria’s God-given resources have not been well-managed in the past, the party and all its members in all their undertakings shall commit to frugal management of public and private resources in line with global best standards – whether they are in, or out of government. To that effect the following shall apply:

  1. The Party and all members shall conduct themselves in all affairs in such a way as to conserve national resources and shall not engage in practices that squander national resources for personal comfort or aggrandizement.
  2. The party and its members whether in or out of government, shall utilize national resources as tool of service and not as status symbol or for the purpose of personal enrichment.


  1. The party shall adhere to the tenets of democracy and run its affairs bearing in mind that view of the majority will prevail while the concerns of the minority will be accommodated and addressed.
  2. The party shall allow for free speech among its members subject to the provisions of this constitution regarding protocols, discipline, decorum, consultation, and fairness to all parties.
  3. The party shall conduct its affairs with the ideals of openness and transparency at all times.
  4. The party shall operate with strict intra-party discipline, respect, and orderliness.
  5. The party shall strive to be known, through all its engagements and interactions, and its public statements, as an ideas party, with unparalleled intellectual gravitas.
  6. The party shall stand for responsible governance, not the wholesale dereliction of governmental responsibility to the private sector under the pretext that ‘government is useless’. The party believes that government is very useful, and must provide strong oversight of the private sector while driving long-term policies and visions for the country at large.
  7. The Party believes that the best engagement of the private sector can only be enabled by the best of public governance, oversight, honesty of purpose, and vision.
  8. The Party believes in speed and accuracy and shall take action on issues very promptly, and strive to get things right, once and for all without costly errors.
  9. Elected or appointed members of this party shall commit to use the services the party or government provides so that we can see to their maintenance and improvement. We shall not alienate ourselves from society but give Nigerians a sense of worth and belonging by being part of the people
  10. The party believes in, and will invest in the reorientation of Nigerians towards achieving a national rebirth; At every level of engagement in Nigeria, we shall find and invest in ingenious ideas to bring back civic education and reorientation beyond rhetoric, in a way that will have profound effects on outcomes and transform Nigeria.
  11. This party shall focus on innovation, as a sine qua non to achieve national development. We shall encourage every Nigerian to innovate their space, products, self, and our physical structures.
  12. This party believes in issue-based communication and is aware of the increasing importance of communication in an Information Age such as we live in. To this extent, we shall institute a consistent process of communication at all levels of government – whether or not we are in government – that disseminates necessary information and analysis to the Nigerian people and keeps them informed, energized, hopeful and imaginative.
  13. The party believes in the genuine diversification of the Nigerian economy, from the ground up. This means that the different levels and sectors of the economy must be involved in rigorous handshakes whereby Nigerian money circulates within Nigeria and government budgets actually reflates the economy. We shall promote made-in-Nigeria goods, and also incentivize such producers by creating new spending classes that can purchase from them and enable them innovate and grow.
  14. The party believes in enacting economic policies that make a difference. We shall therefore report the economy, not only in terms of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which may make little meaning to the poorest of Nigerians, but we shall emphasize and benchmark ourselves – and any government which may be in power – based on other innovative and more humane measurements such as the Human Development Index, Gross National Happiness, and Gross Wellbeing, some of which have been institutionalized in many progressive countries. These indices focus on subjects of poverty, life expectancy, access to health and education and the real issues that matter to our survival as a people.
  15. The party does not believe in immunity for any category of public officer alleged to be involved in fraudulent activities, crime or corruption. The party will work for the excision of sections of the Nation’s Constitution that confers immunity on certain categories of leaders, while supporting structures that will ensure proper investigation of allegations to ensure that leaders are not wrongly accused and distracted from doing their jobs.
  16. The party does not support the liberal annexation of the commonwealth by leaders who are privileged to so do. The party shall – in or out of government – do all within its power to excise laws granting obnoxious life pensions and obscene appurtenances to former political office holders in the face of decreasing standards of living for majority of Nigerians.
  17. The party shall extol sensitivity to the plight of the masses, consideration for the underprivileged, and protection for the powerless.



  1. Admission shall be open to every Nigerian not below the age of 18 years, who has accepted to abide strictly by this constitution and there shall be no discrimination on the basis of age, gender, ethnicity, religious affiliation or any other unconstitutional considerations.
  2. Membership shall be by free will and no person shall be forced or coerced into being or remaining a member of the party.


  1. A register of members shall be kept in electronic version as well as physically, at the headquarters of the party, and at state and ward levels for accountability and identification.
  2. The register shall be automatically and periodically updated, and shall be kept open for all who intend to join to so do.
  3.  From the master-list register, state register shall be generated using simple information technology tools, and permitting members to associate with their states, local government areas, and wards.


  1. Application to join the party shall be free.
  2. Members of the public who qualify by Section 10(a)(i) can freely apply to join the party by completing an electronic form on the party’s website, provided that applicants who are unable to apply through the website shall still be eligible to join by completing a physical form at ward, local government, state or national level.
  3. Details on physical/manual application forms shall be periodically updated on the membership Register by the central database manager upon the approval of the National Chairman and the National Secretary or their designates.
  4.  Applicants are hereby notified that Full membership is only valid upon the following:

         (1) Commitment to this constitution and Registration under Section 10C(i) or (ii) and (2) up to date payment of dues and subscriptions and (3) Obtaining of membership identification card


  1. All members shall obtain a membership card bearing their photographs and other biometric details, as the National Executive Committee shall prescribe, as evidence of their membership.
  2. Membership cards shall subject to (iv) hereunder to be issued at the party headquarters not later than180 days after the member’s name is entered into the Membership Register either through Section 10C(i) or (ii) and shall be authenticated by the National Chairman and National Secretary or upon delegation, by their deputies.
  3. Membership cards shall be enabled to reflect compliance with rules regarding updated payments of dues.
  4. The Identification card shall be issued only upon payment by the member of such fees for the card as shall from time to time be prescribed by the National Executive Committee.


  1. A person shall be regarded as a full member of the party if the person; is registered with the party, has obtained their identification card, is not in breach of the tenets of this constitution, and has paid up all membership dues.
  2. Only Full members of the party shall have and exercise voting rights, that is to say, the right to vote in respect of any affairs of the party.


  1. Any member who intends to contest elections on the platform of the party must be a full member of the party, and must be qualified to contest the desired position by the provision of the Constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended) and the extant Electoral Act.
  2. The party hereby adopts the system of Indirect and Direct primaries in all elections to chose the party flag bearer and to this extent the following shall apply:
  3. Prospective contestants shall submit to a committee to be constituted      by the National EXCO called the Electoral College, an Expression of interest form detailing their plans to make a difference in the position that they are vying for.
  4. The Expression of interest Form shall be accompanied by all documents showing their qualification to contest the election in accordance with the 1999 Constitution as Amended and evidence of full membership of the party as listed out in the Expression of interest form.
  5. Any prospective candidate that does not meet the requirements prescribed in (2) above shall immediately be informed of that fact whether that the 1999 Constitution disqualifies them from participating or that they are not full members of the party and shall not be offered the nomination form of the party
  6. All candidates who meet the requirements of the constitution and are verified as full members of the party shall be offered the nomination forms of the party and proceed to the next level of proposal defense and open debate with other co-contestants (or a presentation to Electoral College if there is only one contestant).
  7. The open debate shall be held at the different levels of the party under which the position being contested falls and it shall be mandatory for every candidate to participate in the debates.
  8. After the debate the party shall organize the direct primary where all full members of the party registered under the delineated area covered by the position contested for, shall by open voting, select the candidate that shall be the party flag bearer in the general election.
  9. All elections shall be determined by simple majority of all valid votes cast using all channels of voting provided and approved by the party under this constitution.
  10. The application fee for pre-qualified candidates for different political offices under ANRP platform shall be:
        1. President – N3,000,000 (Three Million Naira Only)
        2. Governor – N2,000,000 (Two Million Naira)
        3. Senator – N1,500,000 (One Million Five Hundred Thousand Naira Only)
        4. House of Representatives Member – N800,000 (Eight Hundred Thousand Naira Only)
        5. House of Assembly Member – N400,000 (Four Hundred Thousand Naira Only)
        6. Local Government Chairman – N200,000 (Two Hundred Thousand Naira Only)
        7. Councilor – N100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira Only)

This is subject to review and approval by National Convention every year based on the open ballot voting system entrenched in the party.

  1. To encourage our womenfolk to get involved in politics, we shall     offer them 50% (half) rebate/concession on all prescribed fees across     the board..


    1. A member may be suspended by the Local Government, State or Federal Executive Council if the member is in breach of sections of this constitution, if the disciplinary committee finds them to have been involved in any of the following: 1. anti-party activities, 2. unruliness, 3. violence and 4. indiscipline.
    2. A suspended member shall be availed fair hearing by the party, and          may appeal his case to higher executive committees, providing relevant evidence to prove his/her case, and shall upon such proof be restored to membership of the party.
    3.  A restored member may lose seniority or previously held position except upon express approval by the National Executive council, by open voting.


  1. Members shall ensure they obtain their membership card by making the necessary payments.
  2. Members shall ensure that their subscription is up to date because this is an egalitarian party where all members have a voice.
  3. Members shall ensure they vote on election days and do all within their means legitimately, to ensure victory and progress for the party.
  4.  Members shall adhere with the provisions of this constitution
  5.  Members shall acquaint themselves with the party’s manifesto and assist in fulfilling them or in reminding officers of the party in fulfilling them.
  6. Members shall bring up critical issues within the society that they believe the party should address from time to time.
  7. Members shall defend the party against external aggression and hostile takeovers in whichever manner they shall come.
  8. Members must however not involve in violence and unruliness in actions or speech.
  9. Members shall defend the party against innuendoes, hearsays, false rumors and accusations that may occur from its detractors in any way, shape or form. Members must however not be violent, sponsor violence, and should measure their speech and actions.
  10. Members shall contribute intellectually through the articulation of ideas and ideals towards the upliftment of the party and of Nigeria        as a whole.


  1. The party shall ensure support for members ambitions by providing a viable platform and conducting itself with utmost respect.
  2. The party shall offer advice and necessary assistance to actualize the vision and dreams of nominated and elected members.
  3. The party shall offer members the highest level of fairness in all its dealings.
  4. The party shall offer a listening ear towards the grievance of members and ensure these grievances are duly redressed within a reasonable and efficient timeframe.


  1. Any member may be removed for anti-party actions and inactions, for smearing the image of the party or aligning with opposition in any way, shape or form without due authorization from the National EXCO.
  2. A member may also be removed from membership for refusing to pay up fees, dues and levies or to renew his/her membership within 6 months after due date and after they may have been informed or reminded.
  3. Such a member shall cease to enjoy the rights and privileges of members by the sixth month, and if in default for upwards of 12 months, shall cease to be a member of the party altogether.
  4. Ignorance of this law shall not be an excuse to defaulting members. Members shall also not claim to not have received adequate reminders from the party because they should apprise themselves with the general provision of this constitution.
  5. Any member, whose membership is suspended for anti-party activities or for breach of this constitution, shall only be reinstated by a decision of the National Executive council upon the recommendation of his state chairman.
  6. A returnee member shall only have his Identity card and Full membership restored after six months of the decision of restoring membership.
  7. A returnee may lose his seniority in the party hierarchy upon his return except the National Executive Committee otherwise determines.



  1. The party shall maintain a lean and efficient structure that can deliver the results by reaching quickly and without fuss to the grassroots where the people of Nigeria needs to be touched in their hearts and to this end the party shall have leadership and administrative structures as follows:

     1. Ward Executive
2. Local Government Executive
3. State Executive
4. National Level

  1. The State Executive, working in tandem with the National EXCO (Executive Committee), shall work out every decision relating to Senatorial Districts and Geo- political zones, including the nomination and screening, and election of candidates for House of Representatives, Senate, and State Governors subject to the provision of this constitution on election of candidates at state Conventions.
  2. The Local Government Executive, working in tandem with the State Executive and the National Working Committee shall work out the every decision relating to Local Government areas and state constituencies, including the screening and nomination of candidates for the House of Assembly, Local Government Chairman, and Councillorship positions.


  1. The National EXCO shall consist of:

1. National Chairman
2. Vice Chairman
3.National Secretary
4. Deputy National Secretary
5. Organizing Secretary
6. Deputy Organizing Secretary
7. National Financial Secretary
8. Deputy National Financial Secretary
9.National Treasurer
10Deputy National Treasurer
11.Gender Balance and Youth Development Secretary
12. Deputy Gender Balance and Youth Development         Secretary
13. National Legal Adviser
]14.Deputy National Legal Adviser
15.  National Auditor, who shall be an accountant (under ICAN or ANAN)
16. Deputy National Auditor
17. Strategy Secretary
18.  Deputy Secretary, Strategy
19 Secretary, Internal Controls and Party Discipline
20.Deputy Secretary, Internal Controls and party Discipline.
21.Secretary, Information and Social Media Engagements
22. Deputy Secretary, Information and Social Media Engagements
23   Secretary, Intelligence and Security
24.  Deputy Secretary, Intelligence and Security
25.  National Spokesman
26.  Deputy National Spokesman
27. Deputy Secretary, Chapter coordination –
28. 37 State Chairmen


  1. The National Working Committee shall consist of all the above officers with the exception of State Chairmen.  Equally, State Working Committee members shall consist of core officers and exclude Local Government  Party Chairmen who shall remain members of State Excos notwithstanding.
  2. National officers of the party shall be elected by the National Convention and the tenure of such officers shall be 4 years, renewable once and no more, provided that the inaugural National Executive Committee shall be ratified by the first National congress of the Party.
  3. The tenure of any officer elected to fill up any vacancy shall terminate at the expiration of the original term of the substantive position that created the vacancy.
  4. All elections of officers into executive positions in the party shall be by open voting as enshrined in this constitution. Membership of the National Executive of the party as well as Board of Trustees shall reflect Federal Character Principles of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended).
  5. Membership of State, Local Government and Ward EXCOs shall reflect diversity (Senatorial Zones), and inclusion, to ensure balance and equity.
  6. At the state level, the above structure for the EXCO shall be maintained with the exception of

1. Director and Deputy Director for Gender Balance
2. Director and Deputy Director for Legal
3. Director and Deputy Director for Intelligence and Security.
4. Deputy Director for Chapter Coordination

  1. At the LG and Ward levels, the party shall have such other officers in addition to Chairman, Secretary, Director of Mobilization,  as may be agreed by State EXCO subject to the approval of the National Executive committee.
  2. The EXCOs  at all levels shall also be the Working Committees  at each level.
  3. The ward and local government levels may operate without the full compliments of these offices subject to NEC (National Executive Committee) approval
  4. The EXCOs shall see to the day-to-day running of all offices and shall show full commitment and effectiveness in the discharge of their duties.
  5. The Secretaries at all levels shall be in charge of the day-to-day Administration of party offices.
  6. All roles are volunteer in nature and remuneration shall be limited to honoraria, which shall be agreed upon at the National Congress.
  7. All secretariats party wide shall deploy the instruments of Information Technology to make party affairs and operations cheaper and more efficient.      
  8. The Party shall hold virtual meetings that preclude frequent traveling and members must ensure attendance, commitment and seriousness in all engagements, including virtual and technology-enabled meetings.
  9. All Executive Committee meeting shall require two third representations of members as quorum.
  10. Members of an executive committee may join meetings through video-graphic technology- enabled means.
  11. Where in this constitution meetings are authorized to hold by electronic means, members attending through such means, must be authenticated by their registered phone number, e mail or other personal electronic information as recorded by them and held in the party’s database, and their votes on any issue shall be recorded and confirmed through such means as provided.
  12. The Frequency of statutory meetings shall be as follows

1. The National EXCO shall meet once every quarter
2. The State EXCO shall meet every two months
3. The LG EXCO shall meet once monthly
4.The Ward EXCO shall meet every two weeks
5. National Convention shall be held once every two years
6. Congresses shall be held at National, State, Local Government  and Ward levels once a year.


  1. As much as possible, and as a hallmark of the transparency on which this party is based, most interparty decisions shall be based on open debates and dialogues.
  2. The following shall be determined by open debates and open voting:

         1. Nominations and elections of candidates and where there is a single candidate there shall be a presentation to the relevant selected committee consisting the relevant EXCOs and other officials as provided for in this constitution.
2. Other interparty decisions, which are not electoral in nature but bother on the sound running of the party, shall be debated where members have cause for concern, and in order to reach the most democratic decisions.

  1. In all debates, open voting and simple majority shall be the decision
  2. As a party based on respect, ALL DEBATES shall be conducted in the most decorous manner, devoid of acrimony, use of foul language, false accusations and finger-pointing, harsh words, thuggery or use of violence.


  1. Through its activities, and the establishment of the ABUNDANT NIGERIA RENEWAL INSTITUTE (ANRI), the party shall conduct free and paid seminars to its members and members of the public, as a way of intellectualizing its support base, proffering solutions and tooling its members for the complicated task of leading Nigeria at several levels.
  2. The party shall also actively engage in sensitizing citizens of Nigeria towards the important task of voting and exercising of one’s franchise.


a. The organs of the party shall include;

  1. The Executive Committee at Ward, Local Government, State and National Level
  2. The Congress at the Ward, Local Government, State and National Level.
  3. The Board of Trustees.
  4. The National Convention


  1. All party meetings shall be held openly with all members and executives who are authorized to be in attendance served with  notice of such meeting.
  2. Meeting notices shall be effected either in writing, by e mail, by text messages or through technology-enabled platforms.
  3. The relevant secretary or anyone delegated to act in their stead shall record proceedings at all meetings.
  4. Meetings shall be statutorily convened according to the provisions of this constitution.
  5. Extraordinary meetings at Ward, Local Government, State or National Level, may be convened (i) by the Chairman upon approval of the board of trustees by majority decision and such a meeting shall not hold except upon giving 21 days notice to every member of the committee entitled to attend it, (ii) or by any other member upon approval of the board of trustees by majority decision provided that two-thirds of the working committee approve such meeting, providing 21 days notice of such meeting to everyone entitled to attend the meeting..
  6. At the Ward, Local Government and State Levels, no extra ordinary meeting shall hold except with approval of the National Exco.
  7.  Reasonable honorarium or meeting allowance as approved by congress shall be paid to Exco members, and this shall vary from level to level
  8. Where it is an extraordinary meeting duly and properly convened, the quorum must be met, and the most senior member of the meeting shall have authority to nominate the secretary.
  9. All minutes must be accurate, transparent and must reflect the true happenings at all of our meetings
  10. Falsification of meeting proceedings, forgery, mutilation and destruction of documents, will be treated as criminal acts and handed over to the lawful prosecuting authority.
  11.  All meetings at State and National levels are to be conducted in English Language. However, the use of relevant local languages to give a sense of belonging to audiences, and to show fairness and unity, is highly encouraged. Where audiences are homogenous, such as at the ward or the Local Government levels, the relevant local language may be used to conduct party meetings but the recording of minutes must be in English language


  1. There shall be a ward, local government, state and national congress.
  2. The congress shall consist of all who are registered to the ward, local government, state and entire party at the national level.
  3. The congress shall guide the leadership of the party in its decision-making and throw up critical issues that require executive attention.
  4. The congress shall receive the audited accounts and reports and all other reports from officers of the party at each level
  5. The congress at each level shall elect internal officers of the party  except the national level.


  1. To act as final arbiter in matters that are brought before them.
  2. To act as elder’s council for the party and guide its affairs from a position of wisdom and foresight.
  3. To see to the continued existence and going concern status of the party in every possible manner.
  4. To intercede for the party in thorny matters with external parties such as to reduce litigations.
  5. To act in oversight of the National EXCO.


  1. The Board of Trustees shall be headed by a Chairman who shall be independent of the day-to-day running of the party.
  2.  BOT members shall serve for tenure of 4 years non-renewable, except for the statutory members such as the National Chairman and the National Secretary.
  3. The Board of Trustees shall consist of the National Chairman, the National Secretary, as well as 6 (six) other respected citizens of Nigeria who are part of the founding members of the party, and who shall be drawn from Nigeria’s six geopolitical zones.
  4. BOT meetings shall have in attendance at least one of either the National Chairman, or National Secretary.
  5. Quorum for BOT meeting shall be two-thirds of membership.


  1. All EXCO members shall serve for a period of 4 years, renewable once and no more.
  2. Any EXCO member may choose not to stand for renewal.


  1. The National Convention shall consist of the;

      1. The Board of Trustees. 2.All Members of the National Executive Committee 3. President and Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria if they are members of the party. 4. Members of the National Assembly who are members of the party 5. State Governors and Deputy governors who are members of the Party. 5. All State Exco Members 6. All Local Government Exco members 7 All Ward Exco Members.

  1. All these delegates shall have valid registration with the party and must be full members with their names verified on the membership register.
  2. All delegates from state, local government and  levels must have been affirmed to be genuine delegates before the date of the national convention, and known to the entire party structure, including the National EXCO. This is to prevent the hiring of ‘delegateson convention days.
  3. The National Convention shall be responsible for electing the National EXCO, and also electing the Presidential Candidate of the party.


  1. The party shall emphasize transparency in all its internal decision-making.
  2.  All voting for internal decisions shall be by open ballot or Option A4 .
  3. The party believes openness is its best defense against dirty politics, ego-tripping, backstabbing, internal and external aggression and implosion.
  4. The party and its members believe that our job is to sacrifice for and salvage Nigeria, hence there is no position worth harming others for.


The National Chairman

    1. To preside over the entire party structure nationwide.
    2. To preside over the EXCO
    3.  To summon EXCO meetings
    4. To assign functions to other officers within the ambit of this constitution, and provide firm leadership at all times.
    5. To delegate duties responsibilities and powers to the Vice Chairman as reasonably fit.
    6. To promote party unity, cohesion, and growth.
    7. To promote strict compliance with the constitution at all levels
    8. To lead the strategy for the party and coordinate the affairs of all departments and directors.
    9. To do all within reasonable limits and within his/her powers to see to the continued survival and prosperity of the party

    The National Vice Chairman

  1. To deputize for the Chairman in his/her absence and perform all the roles of a Chairman reasonably and within legal and constitutional limits.
  2. To carry out any duties and responsibilities, and exercise any powers as the National Chairman may assign.


The National Secretary

  1. To supervene over the day-to-day running of the party office.
  2. To keep all records of membership and other affairs of the party.
  3. To be the custodian of the common seal of the party.
  4. To write reports regarding the entire operations of the party and submit to National Chairman at agreed intervals.
  5. To consult the chairman in the discharge of duties

Deputy National Secretary

  1. To deputize for and assist the National Secretary in respect of all duties provided in this constitution
  2. Directors
  3. To perform their specific remits as described in their letters of engagements
  4. To ensure frugal management of party’s resources.
  5. To ensure cooperation, and mitigation of silo mentality, by sharing information and collaborating with other directors.
  6. To ensure all deliverables are met and that the party is outstanding among its peers in Nigeria.
  7. To do everything within power to ensure the stability, resilience and sustainability of the party


National Financial Secretary (who shall be a Chartered or Qualified National Accountant)

  1. Collect and keep records of donations, levies, subscriptions and other payments made to the party.
  2. Coordinate the process of investment of funds on behalf of the party
  3. Coordinate the budgeting process of the party.
  4.  Ensure frugal management of the party’s funds and account for all expenses.
  5. Prepare reports to the Chairman/National Secretary about the financial situation of the party.
  6. Perform other financial duty as may be mandated by the Chairman or the general National EXCO


  1. To receive funds, payments, dues, and all monies due to the party into the party’s account.
  2. To ensure all funds are paid in promptly and safeguarded for control purposes.
  3. To ensure there is no financial loss to the party.
  4.  To prepare financial reports to the EXCO based on the level of operation.
  5. To ensure prudent use of the party’s financial resources.
  6. To do all within power to ensure the financial stability and progress of the party


Internal Auditor

  1. To ensure adequate Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Compliance in the operations of the party at all levels.
  2. To coordinate with other internal auditors for experience and information sharing.
  3.  To perform all other duties within reasonable limits and to the best of their ability to ensure that there is no financial loss or litigation thereof, to the party

All functions prescribed for officers above shall be replicated for their equivalents at the State, Local Government and Ward levels as much as practicable.


a. The principle of transparency in party affairs shall be applied to party financing and to that end, the party shall be funded from:

i. Annual Subscriptions.
ii. Freewill Donations from members and Non members, provided no   single person or entity shall give more than the amount prescribed by the extant electoral law and regulations. Donations shall have a separate account and shall be managed at the national level and all donations MUST be reported to the National Treasurer and Auditor for Accountability purposes.
iii. Merchandising and sale of party souvenirs, memorabilia and gift packs

b.  The party shall open and maintain accounts in any branch of good Nigerian banks within Abuja, where the headquarters is located.

  1. The signatories to all accounts shall be the National Chairman or  National Vice Chairman upon designation, National Secretary or Deputy National Secretary upon designation and National Treasurer and National Financial Secretary.
  2. Adequate documentation and justification must accompany any spendings to be made on behalf of the party.
  3. The following protocols shall be maintained in the running of bank accounts for the party:

1. Chairman – ‘A Signatory

2. Vice Chairman - -‘ASignatory

3. National Secretary – ‘A Signatory

4. Deputy National Secretary – ‘B’Signatory

5. Treasurer – ‘B Signatory

6. Financial Secretary ‘BSignatory

  1. Three signatories must sign cheques or authorize payments from the party’s accounts. One of them must be either the Chairman or Vice Chairman (in the absence of the Chairman or upon designation). One must be either the National Secretary of Deputy National Secretary, and one must be either the Treasurer or Financial Secretary. A similar protocol shall be adopted at State and LG levels subject to National EXCO approval.
  2. State, Local Government and Ward Chapters may open bank accounts in their respective capital or nearest town with a bank, into which their share of Annual dues will be remitted from the National Headquarters based on the number of their members and on a formula to be expressly agreed by the National Congress.


  1. All levels of the party shall have their accounts audited annually by a firm of Chartered or Certified Accounts independently appointed by the EXCO at each level.
  2. The audit report shall be presented to the EXCO and forwarded to the National EXCO
  3. Qualification of reports shall be viewed very strongly and shall be a basis for suspension or disengagement of officers subject to other provisions of this constitution.


  1. There shall be standing Disciplinary committees appointed at each level (Ward, Local Government, State and National), by the EXCO (Executive committees).
  2. This shall consist of at least 5 members – three of which must be EXCO members
  3. The disciplinary committee must sit and deliberate on and resolve disciplinary issues emanating from members/executives breach of any parts of this constitution.
  4. Where infractions concern members of the National EXCO, the Disciplinary Committee must refer decisions to the BOT for final action.
  5. Where EXCO members on state, local government or ward level are accused of contravening the spirit and letter of this constitution, such disciplinary issues should be adjudicated by the next upper level EXCO or the BOT in the case of the National EXCO.
  6. Members/EXCOs must be informed in writing of any allegations made against them before disciplinary deliberations are commenced.
  7. Members/EXCOs so accused shall be granted the right and  opportunity to defend themselves orally or in writing or via a representative or counsel, within 3 days of being notified.
  8. An EXCO member who has been alleged to have committed any of the infractions below, will not seat in a disciplinary committee over a case in which he/she is party.
  9. Apart from breaches of this constitution, members and EXCOs who engage in the following:

(i) Fraudulent activities,

ii. Unruly behavior,

iii. Use of indecorous and insulting words on leadership, fellow members and in internal communication.

iv. Spreading of rumours, hearsay, outlandish assumptions and communication that could cause disaffection and rancor within the party

v. Failure to adhere by decisions reached in democratic manner within the party

vi. Failure to adhere strictly by orders and instruction from the duly constituted leadership of the party at all levels

vii. Violence or incitation/sponsoring of violent activities,

viii. Negligence of duties,ix. Extortion and bribery,

x. Defamation of the party or any of its officers,

xi. Rumor-mongering,

xii. and any other actions that is not consistent with the spirit of this constitution, or the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, shall be a subject for the Disciplinary Committee’s investigation and sanctions.

  1. Members or officers who have cause to disagree with the Disciplinary Committee’s decision against them shall appeal to the next upper level EXCO, and may appeal up to the National EXCO for final decision. Where such a member/officer is of the National EXCO, appeal may be made to the BOT who should reach a decision within 14 days, and whose decision shall be final.
  2.  All appeals shall be filed to the appellate level within 7 days of initial judgment.
  3. The Disciplinary committee at any level of the party shall retain the power to exercise the following sanctions on members or executives who are in breach of the party constitution in any material shape or form, or any of the offences recognized by this constitution;

i. Fine

ii. Censure

iii. Reprimand

iv. Caution letter

v. Suspension
vi. Suspension with fine  

 viii. Disbarment from occupying certain positions of authority within the party ix. Disbarment from being nominated for national assignment x. Expulsion from the party xi. Reference of fraudulent cases to the Nigerian Police or other anti-crime agencies

  1. Due caution and dialogue with at least one senior level of EXCO membership should be undertaken before final decisions on disciplinary matters are taken.
  2.  Any member or officer that is expelled or that decamps and is readmitted or returns will serve a mandatory one year moratorium before having his identity card reissued to him.



  1. The party encourages ALL members of working age to ensure they avail themselves of the party’s advocacies and any efforts of extant governments and the private sector, to secure jobs or businesses that will ensure non- reliance on the resources of Nigerians or the party. We shall be a party of productive Nigerians.


  1. Any officer, at the national, state, local government or ward level, who is appointed or elected into office, shall cede their position to someone else, and hand over all instruments of office to the secretary, or any other EXCO member as may be designated.


  1. The party, being of environmental bent, shall engage in tree-planting activities from time to time, and engage in the reclamation of Nigeria’s damaged environment as part of it’s corporate social responsibility.
  2. The party shall continue to encourage the Greening of Nigeria, and the recovery of our natural environments through its advocacies. This shall be a key platform of engagement with our publics.


  1. The party shall be very keen on job creation policies as a way of turning around the economy. As much as government may not be able to create many jobs, it retains the purview of ensuring that employable Nigerians are employed, To this extent, the party shall – in or out of government – ensure that the best strategies are put in place to ensure all Nigerian youths are gainfully engaged and contribute to the Gross Domestic Product and other economic indices of Nigeria
  2. The party shall emphasize more innovative and meaningful indices that measure the wellbeing of Nigerians in all categories, such as the Human Development Index, Gross National Happiness, or the Gross Wellbeing. We shall ensure a human face to our engagement with Nigerians and that the nation truly forges ahead in meaningful, not memorandum ways.


a. ALL members of this party, ANRP, shall solemnly swear and make the declaration as in subsection (c ) of this section.
b. Disagreement with subsection (c) of this section , invalidates anyone’s membership of the party. Anyone who shall call him/herself a member of the party shall of necessity agree with and be bound by subsection (c ) below.
c. I, ....................................................................................... hereby swear onoath, and on my honour, that I shall be faithful and loyal to the ABUNDANT NIGERIA RENEWAL PARTY (ANRP), in all my activities and in my utterances and actions. I commit never to bring the party to disrepute, or to cause for the ideals and image of the party to be undermined in any manner whatsoever. I pledge to defend the integrity, and the ethos of the party in all I do, and in everywhere I go, and in all places where I see that it ought to be defended. I promise to do my very best, my verifiable best, to grow the best political party in Nigeria, and see to its success and the success of our motherland, Nigeria. I promise that today, in front of God, man, and my conscience. I swear that if I go contrary to this oath, then I shall face judgment befitting to my infractions. So help me God


    1. ALL persons elected or selected into public office on the platform of this party shall swear on oath as in subsection  (c ) of this section;
    2. Disagreement with, and refusal to swear by subsection (c) of this section indicates such a person so elected to be in breach of the constitution of this party and therefore subject to the Disciplinary Action.
    3.  I, .................................................... Having taken office sequel to my election (nomination), and bearing the imprimatur of our great party, the Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP), hereby swear on oath, to execute the office of ................................................... in the best possible manner, taking into consideration the need for the most frugal use of resources and conformity with the highest global standards of value-for- money. I promise never to put my interest first before country, God and man. I promise to live a selfless life, to defer my own gratification, and never use the appurtenances of office to oppress long-suffering Nigerians. I promise to spend my time in service of Nigeria, for the tenure that I may occupy in service to motherland, and to discharge my duties creditably, and to the honor of our great party, ANRP. I swear and commit, that if I stray from these ideals, I shall meet with requisite punishment before God, and before man... So help me God.


The party being a legal entity with perpetual succession shall have the right to sue and be sued, and to acquire and hold property to conduct its business or for other legal purposes including for investment. To this extent, the party shall be able to enter into agreements through appointed and recognized members of its National Executive Council, and to so create legal relationships enforceable under the law. The party shall reserve the right to defend its property, its reputation or its members in the course of their duties for the party.
The Party shall have a common seal which shall be in the custody of  the National Secretary of the party.


This constitution shall be subject to review and/or amendment in intervals of one year according to extant realities and as approved by the national convention.
Observations and concerns requiring amendments should be submitted to the office of the National Secretary
All observations requiring the amendment of the constitution within the statutory timelines will be discussed by EXCO for merit and escalation to Congress
The National Executive Council shall call for constitutional amendment memorandum and observations from Congress at least a month before National Congress.
Calls for memoranda should be done through internal memos to members of the party and through at least one national daily.
Proposed amendments shall be debated at the National Congress and  decision reached via open voting.
All members shall be availed with amendments of the constitution whenever such occurs.
Members shall also interest themselves in the affairs of the party and stay abreast of developments, and contribute to the evolution of party policies as a matter of course.


We, the ABUNDANT NIGERIA RENEWAL PARTY, ANRP, hereby declare this day the 22nd Day of April 2017, to adopt and give to our party and ourselves this constitution and to govern our party affairs by it.


All Executive Committees at each level shall see to the employment of staff and interns at party offices, within very reasonable and frugal limits, and see to their remuneration according to rates that may be agreed by the National EXCO. Any variation from agreed norm must be cleared through the National EXCO, and there may be variations in remuneration from one city to another, despite qualifications of applicants. All full staff of the party, shall be deemed to be members of the party and shall be bound by the provisions of this constitution, as it relates to members.

The party shall within two years cause to be established the Abundant Nigeria Renewal Institute, which will serve as the hub of civic education, positive reorientation, information dissemination, strengthening of Nigeria’s unity, development of Human capital as Nigeria’s most important resource, reinforcement of the party’s campaign promises and manifesto, and other important aspects that may continue to project the image of the party, its members, and Nigeria as a whole in positive light, and to build a new Nigeria from the ground up. Some of the seminars will be programmed and run for free, while others will be at a discount to members and yet others will attract full payment based on their importance. This Institute shall be based in Abuja, or any other state capital, as may be agreed by Congress.





NATIONAL CHAIRMAN                                   NATIONAL SECRETARY


INTERPRETATION: This constitution is to be interpreted in consonance with the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as Amended) and the Extant Electoral Act and any amendments thereto. The Board of Trustees when properly constituted shall be the final internal authority as to the interpretation of any aspect of this constitution and in the absence of the Board of Trustees, the National Executive committee shall perform that function..


1. ASPIRANT: means any member of the party who picks the nomination form seeking to participate in either primary or party elections.
2. ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT: means any electronic media content (other than computer programs or system files) that is intended to be used in either an electronic form or as printed output.
3. GREEN COMMITMENT: means environmentally- sustainable practices targeting activities like cleanups, free environmental education, and tree planting amongst others.
4. OPEN VOTING: means show of hands in a legally authorized meeting of organized by the party, or Option A4 (lining up behind candidate).
5. PARTY ELECTION: means any election held by the Party for the purpose of electing its officers to run various bodies of the Party.
6. PRIMARY ELECTION: means an election conducted by the
Party for the purpose of the nominating its Candidate for a general election or specified election as may be ordered by the Independent National Electoral Commission.
7. VOTER EDUCATION: means activities of the Party aimed at sensitizing party members and Nigerians on the importance of exercising franchise.

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