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What We Want

  1. We want people who have jobs or businesses, and not "professional politicians" to vie for offices at all levels.
  2. We want to try and limit the ages of those we put forward within constitutional requirements but we will not rub it in and engage in anti-ageism. We recognize that young people come with their passion, but the best ideas could come from any demographic.
  3. We want to promote the involvement of women and young people in politics and administration and so will encourage them to step forward... with their ideas.
  4. We want people of reasonable and modest means in our party; self-made people preferably, with verifiable businesses or careers. We shall encourage ALL who choose to join us to get something going. We are fiercely independent and this must show in everything we do.
  5. This party is about SACRIFICE. We don't want people who are seeking for quick money and benefits on board. Anyone coming with the mindset of "chop-and-quench", or "kill-and-divide", will not be recognized and will be watched keenly.

The rules will be reviewed from time to time. Once we solidify structures we will be governed strictly by our constitution. By all means, this is about making a difference in our country and in the lives of our countrymen and women. Ours is not a vision for immediate benefits but for the future of our great country and its people. It is an effort to try and organize ourselves and break the jinx whereby it is believed that after the frontrunners who have always organized themselves since the colonial days, the subsequent generations cannot. The inability to ORGANISE has got us to a point where our lives are careening out of control, and we are faced with existential issues of joblessness, crime, poverty in the land, all of which we seek to banish.

Our mantra for now is RENEWAL. RENAISSANCE. RESPECT!


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