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Frequently Asked Questions

Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party.
We are not doctrinaire, as ideologies in themselves don't improve people's lives and bring out the best in them. However the totality of what we stand for defines us. We stand for RENEWAL, RENAISSANCE, RESPECT. We stand for all that is good for Nigeria. We stand for the youth and future generations. We stand for an Abundant Nigeria.
We strive towards a just and equitable society that promotes diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity for all.
We strive towards solutions that are long term and sustainable as well as immediate results.
We are dynamic, innovative, and forward-thinking.
We prefer a lean government that promotes enterprise, business, and trade and which enables the society to be productive.
We view governance as stewardship and sacrifice.
We are frugal and detest every form of excess, indulgence, and waste. We shall run government in line with best global practices.
We care for the environment.
First, our party is not about "wrestling power" from the "governing" and other opposition parties. Our goal is to bring about a national renewal and rebirth in the way we think and do things, and to create a NEW Nigeria.

We are more interested in a new Nigeria than in merely "wrestling" and "grabbing" power.

Yes, we do have structures at the National and in all 36 states and the FCT, as well as outside Nigeria, as well as corporate governance structures and systems in place to drive our goal.
No one single individual is funding our party. It is not true that any politician(s) is/are funding our party; that is unacceptable to us in t first place.
Nigeria's problems are myriad and complex. However, our party has a deep understanding of Nigeria's problems and intends to tackle them.

We have started articulating views and debating them thoroughly within the party, and are even ready to offer them freely so long as Nigeria moves forward. We are a party of people who are ready to give their all so that our country may be truly great
Harnessing the energy, innocence, passion and creativity of the Nigerian youth, fixing the faulty structure of our society, creating a sense of belonging and ownership, building cohesion, creating abundance for all, and preserving the environment are all key.

Health, education (developing our most important assets--our human resources), fixing power (which will enable businesses to grow and provide employment), reforming the public/civil service (the engine of the government) to make it more functional and serve Nigerians better, reform law enforcement and justice delivery (to address the numerous cases of injustice which makes most Nigerians feel alienated), promote a clean, safe, healthy, aesthetically appealing environment, eradicating hunger, achieving the sustainable development goals… all these are within our view .
Our party is different from others in many ways:

Our goal for Nigerians renewal/rebirth and abundance for all is critical for which we strive to achieve day and night in or out of government.

We are not another opposition party, we thrive in providing alternatives to the current state, as societies develop based on the quality of ideas generated and acted on.

We are not merely a purpose-built platform for winning elections. We are purpose built for achieving the ideals enshrined in THIS IS OUR OWN (the name of our party manifesto). Please avail yourself of the content.

Our hallmark is good governance within our party, exemplified by openness, transparency, accountability, submission to public scrutiny in all we do, promoting diversity and inclusion as well as consensus in decision-making.

Our focus is on sustainability in all spheres of Nigerian life.

We have a firm commitment to the environment. We believe the environment holds a secret to our development that must be unraveled. We shall focus on environmental management and sustainability.

Our attention is not on crude, we are especially concerned with renewable resources.

Our focus is on the youth and future generations.

And so many more.
No our party isn't sponsored by any politician(s).

We may or may not merge with another/other political party/parties to present candidates. If we do, they must fully buy into THIS IS OUR OWN (the name of our party manifesto).

Currently we are more interested in generating thought-provoking conversations on national renewal and rebirth, than the 2019 general elections. However, we are a party set up to vie for every position in the land.
We shall soon have offices in all 36 states of the Federation and the Federal Capital as well as in the UK, US, Ireland, Turkey, Japan, etc. For now, we have strong members in all those locations. We are proud to say we have members in EVERY state of the federation within 2 weeks of our formation. That is remarkable.
Kindly email us at to get the address of an office location near you. Subject to guidance from INEC, we shall soon unveil all our offices.
Yes, we are on course to complete our party registration process with INEC and it is in several stages and could span a number of weeks or months. We started that process in December 2016. That process marked the formation of the party.
The shadow government or shadow cabinet is one of ANRP's numerous innovations. Even though we don't run a parliamentary system in Nigeria, the concept of a shadow government is key even in our presidential system. A few countries in the world have maintained shadow governments even in a non-parliamentary arrangement but we believe it is even more germane for a country like ours especially with perennial mismanagement and unpreparedness.

Our shadow cabinet shall mirror the cabinets of the governments in power to interrogate their policies and activities and provide better alternatives according to THIS IS OUR OWN (the name of our party manifesto).
The purpose is for us as a party outside of government to stay engaged on issues of the day on a continual basis. One advantage is that when we get into governance we won't be needing 6 months to study reports compiled by transition committees, or to appoint ministers, who in turn may need another 6 months to understand their portfolios.

The shadow cabinet members shall also on a regular basis produce alternative policy documents, views, position papers, etc to keep the Nigerian people informed, energized, hopeful, and imaginative about the possibilities of having a workable system that serves everyone on an equitable and sustainable basis.
As a party we see our diversity as one of our greatest strengths as a country. Numerous researches have proven that diverse, heterogeneous societies show more promise of speedy development than homogenous societies if the talents and resources of diverse societies are harnessed. This is precisely what we intend to do through good governance.

We aver that disunity in Nigeria is deliberately created to promote divide-and-rule, a colonial legacy firmly in place during the first republic, through the military era up to the present day.

The phrase THIS IS OUR OWN (the name of our party manifesto and slogan) has been translated in over 50 Nigerian languages and growing, as against the traditional "three major languages". This is an example of our policy and practice of inclusion and giving everyone a sense of belonging and ownership, our attention to details and diversity.
Due to bad governance and the antics of devious politicians many Nigerians don't correctly discern that there is nothing inherently wrong with any constituent group in Nigeria beyond the stereotypes promoted by those who thrive on our collective disunity.

As a party we intend through all our activities, ideas, communications, to promote harmony by enlightening Nigerians to these truths. One of the more scientific things we can do is conduct a study of the origins of Nigerian languages to show to our people, that most of our languages are related and so we are one. This is called Etymology.

We hope to unite Nigerians using THIS IS OUR OWN to share in our collective vision for a reborn, new, abundant Nigeria that serves all in an equitable and equal opportunity basis.
The principle of Federal Character is a good one, designed to take care of diversity in Nigeria by ensuring that educationally-disadvantaged areas of Nigeria catch up with the rest and are adequately represented in the workplace. But we believe it should have a shelf life.

We don't think that by now, merit and competence must be compromised at any time. In promoting diversity, equal opportunity must be the guiding principle. We note that rather than conform with the Federal Character principles, politics has taken over and Nigeria’s powerful people simply use the idea for political bargaining, cronyism, favoritism and nepotism. This has to stop.

The Federal Character Commission itself many times waives Federal Character compliance for many recruitments by the federal government, meaning the policy has lost its bite. All of these issues will be reviewed by us.
Our party sees human resources as our nation's most important assets, not crude oil or other extractive resources. Education which we see as the nurturing of the mind and building of character to convert human resources to human capital is a leading focus for our party.
Public education is the most important leveller and equalizer of society. A society which evolves under class structures will find it tough to cohere in the medium to long term. We notice that it never used to be like this in Nigeria and we are prepared to bring back the good old days of good public schools.

We hope to achieve this among numerous other things by improving teacher quality through standardization and improving their dignity and remuneration. Research has shown that 70% of educational output and performance depends on teacher quality. We shall also increase allocation to education and ensure value-for-money is achieved in that sector, to prove our seriousness.

In addition, all elected and appointed party members shall as provided for in THIS IS OUR OWN mandatorily use the services provided by Government because where a man's child is, his mind shall also be there.
We believe the resource control argument is not the argument we should be having and it is borne out of the inability to recognize the real resource that Nigeria has and to harness it; human resources. We note that the most successful countries in the world are those who deploy their best brains to innovate every aspect of society, to the extent that they export their innovations and inventions to other countries of the world. To this extent, the resource control argument is an admission of defeat. We want Nigerians to think forward instead and see the opportunities which lie ahead of us with a new paradigm.

We shall be willing to consider and review the arguments all the same, and are inclined to allowing more or total local control of resources found in the ground wherever they may be found. We believe exploration and exploitation of such resources is best done by private sector entities contracted by constituted authority with a larger portion of royalties and benefits going to regions where resources may be found. We believe in a trim Federal Government and will work towards that from Day One.

As a Green Party and a forward-thinking one we think the era of oil is over. We think it's best to focus on renewable resources that last a lifetime and utilized in perpetuity.
The SDGs capture the ideals of our party. The SDGs are:

1. End poverty in all its forms

2. End hunger and achieve food security, improve nutrition and sustainable agriculture

3. Ensure healthy lives, promote wellbeing for all at all ages; eliminate death and illnesses from pollution-related diseases

4. Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote life-long learning for all

5. Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

6. Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

7. Ensure affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all

8. Promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth; full and productive employment and decent work for all

9. Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and foster innovation

10. Reduce income inequalities within and among countries

11. Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable

12. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

13. Take urgent actions to combat climate change and its impacts by regulating emissions and promoting developments in renewable energy

14. Conserve and sustainably use oceans, seas, and marine resources for sustainable development

15. Protect, restore, and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems; sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt and reverse biodiversity loss

16. Provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable, inclusive institutions at all levels

17. Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnerships for sustainable development.

These are great, unquestionable and universal ideals. Even if these are achieved we shall continually strive to get better at them as we set further goals.
Reports, including the Presidential Committee on the Restructuring and Rationalisation of Federal Government Parastatals, Commissions, and Agencies (2012) seem to confirm this. The truth is that over the years, employment into the civil service has been done for political patronage. Many have been employed who don’t have desks and therefore hardly report to the office, yet they are being paid salaries. What about the problem of ‘Ghost Workers’? The Minister of Finance says over 50,000 of such names have been cleaned out from the payroll in the last one year! Nothing confirms that the service is bloated than this statement.

In spite of the investment of our past governments, and the assistance from multilateral agencies like the World Bank to systemize the civil service, and do away with archaic ideas which lead to the phenomenon of ‘ghost workers’, it is surprising that we would still be battling with this issue. Our take is to ensure accountability takes root in the service, that those government pays actually work, and that we get a clear picture so as to understand how to move people around to more productive areas. Every Nigerian who draws a salary from the sweat, tears and blood of the taxpayer, must be productive to the extent of what they draw from Nigeria’s coffers.
Green Parties share similar characteristics. We prioritize:

1. Grassroots democracy.

2. A holistic approach to justice, recognizing that social justice, economic justice and environmental justice depend on and support each other. We don't see justice from the perspective of what is obtained in law courts alone.

3. Environmental justice which itself is founded on 2 fundamental principles: that all people have the right to live, work, learn, and play in safe and healthful environments; and that people have the right to influence decisions that affect the quality of the environment in their communities, nations, and the world

4. Peace and nonviolence

5. Decentralization, federalism

6. Community-based economics

7. Women's, youths' and children's rights

8. Respect for and promotion of diversity

9. Global responsibility

10. Forward-thinking and focus on the future.

Just imagine a Nigeria where these are attained or being worked towards! Also, there is a coalition of Green Parties around the world, and it is surprising that until we came, there had been no party with green (environmental) affiliation in Nigeria. All over Africa – from Kenya to South Africa, Egypt, Mali, Senegal, and even countries that have gone through trauma like Somalia, their politicians have thought about environmental sustainability and thus floated green parties for decades. It is time Nigeria thinks about sustainability and stop wasting all our resources. ANRP is the linchpin for that innovation and initiative.
The formation of the party was unique in that for the first time in Nigeria’s history, a group of forward-thinking, diverse group with representation from all over the country rallied around an idea that it was time for the youth and not-so-young in Nigeria to try and do something about the country’s situation and quit complaining. This was in December 2016.

Just as our forebears did in the 1940s and 1950s, leading to the formation of the initial political parties that led Nigeria’s independence initiative, the ANRP launched out on social media and was able to gather some of Nigeria’s best brains and rally them towards the ideal of redefining the political space for good. In a space of two weeks, we were able to establish contact and get members from all 36 states of Nigeria and the Capital.

The ANRP deemphasizes personalities and focuses on ideas. This becomes even more imperative because we are a party whose time has come; a party powered by technology in an age of information; a party where dynamism is paramount, where a lot happens in short spaces of time, and much more will be achieved. We are not a party of moneybags or professional politicians who have no businesses or jobs and so have to wait to grab money for survival and excesses from the commonwealth. We are far ahead of the curve.
If you are age 18 and above, kindly log on to and fill the membership form.
Your status as a member is assured and guaranteed on faithfully paying your subscription fees.
To change from another party you may wish to write to your party informing them of your decision to leave. Submit all party materials in your possession including your ID card if you were issued one. Please ensure to pay up all outstanding dues/subscription fees before leaving.
We don't have "owners". Every member who has signed up and whose subscription is up-to-date has an equal voice as every other member. We also have fathers, mothers, uncles and aunties who came together to start the party. The party is for everyone, but with a keen focus on the need to capitalize on our youthful energy as a nation.
Kindly access and download THIS IS OUR OWN by simply visiting our website at or just click
You may also send a mail to or call us at 090 6479 6674 to request for a copy.
Once a Nigerian is 18 years old the law permits them to join our party. We don't discriminate on any basis at all.

However, such an individual must agree to dutifully pay their subscriptions and be committed to the spirit and letter of THIS IS OUR OWN (the name we call our manifesto) and our constitution.
Yes. We prefer people who have jobs or businesses or aspirations because we believe in and promote the dignity of labor. Also we prefer people who are not "professional politicians", but people partaking in our party to give of themselves and to serve, not to milk a dwindling commonwealth presently going through dire straits.
Currently there are challenges with the 3 layers of the power value chain: generation, transmission, and distribution. We don't generate enough power to as much as light 60 watts light bulbs in 100,000 homes in a country of 182 million citizens. In summary, the problem has to do with too much government control in the power value chain. In our opinion, the concept of one national grid is no longer a feasible and sustainable one. It is best to open up and liberalise the sector such that businesses, communities, local and state governments can generate, transmit, distribute, and utilize the energy they need and contribute the excess to the national grid.

We also promote the use of alternative and renewable sources of energy as wind, solar,and others. We have every intention of making Nigeria the solar electricity hub in Africa. Solar is about the cheapest source of electricity in the world presently, and is clean and renewable. All building projects which qualify as luxury should have provisions for solar power integration as part of their design before they should be approved by the authorities. This will be a good start.

Having power projects scattered all over the country has positive national security advantages too as an attack on 1 or 2 power installations can't put the whole country in darkness as has been the case.
Our party doesn't have room for personal ambitions, but our collective and shared goals as encapsulated in THIS IS OUR OWN (the name of our party's manifesto) and our constitution. Every single individual running for any office on our platform must demonstrate a thorough grasp of these ideals before a diverse team of party officials, even if contesting alone on the platform. It's therefore unlikely for untutored, unprepared persons to run for office on our platform.
Believe us because already we are doing novel things never done in our climes before like the shadow cabinet. This shows how determined we are to bring about a difference. Our shadow ministers volunteer their time and resources because to us, nation building is about altruism, patriotism, service, self-abnegation, and sacrifice. We can't suddenly change from these values on getting into government.

As a party we are open and transparent. Out of the existing 40 political parties, not more than 8 of them have websites. We started out on day one by creating a website where information is uploaded from time to time to carry our members, and members of the public, along. We are the ONLY party with a transparent membership counter, which is made available to members. We have built a formidable number in a short while with every member having equal rights.

Also our finances shall be audited by external independent auditors with their reports made available for scrutiny.
The quality of ideas we put out there on a daily basis demonstrate our commitment and readiness. We can't begin to fumble after engaging in such a discipline for years.

We are more interested in the new Nigeria (in or out of office) than in merely winning elections and gaining power.
At less than age 18, Nigerian laws prevent you from being a registered member of a political party.

However, we have a provision and innovation whereby you may work with us as a youth volunteer pending when you come of age to be a full member of the party. Please contact the party via the numerous channels and speak with our leaders at your ward, LG, and State levels. Do note that you must have a student ID card to become a volunteer.

Also, do follow us on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @AbundantNigeria to stay in touch.
Our target is for every Nigerian of working/productive age to be profitably engaged. Our focus shall be particularly on young persons age 15-24 as a way of bootstrapping the economy. It used to be that a few decades ago, youths of this age were already contributing to society and we are not talking of child labour. In the developed countries, children just out of secondary school are actively encouraged to get some light work to show them some responsibility. This we believe is the starting point in employment creation.

We don't believe that the government should be the leading employer of labour, neither can it be, on a sustainable basis. The role of government in our view is to promote enterprise, trade, businesses, to create an environment for massive growth and explosion of these through deliberate policies and practices; for instance fixing the intractable electricity problems, increasing the ease of doing business especially for SMEs (small and medium scale enterprises), etc. However, there are jobs to be created in some sectors which the private sector will not get involved in because there may not be much profit to be made. Government must show due responsibility and frugality in handling such sectors to get the economy going.

Simply implementing and enforcing the Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) policy will boost the waste-recycling subsector and create hundreds of thousands of jobs within months. Greening, tree planting, reforestation, oil spills control and erasing, enforcing and attaining zero open defecation by constructing thousands of conveniences will create numerous jobs within a very short while. This is an example of creating jobs in just one subsector. In all the sectors such policies and enforcements will open up spaces to provide employment.

Many jobs opportunities can be created, but it takes innovation and sincerity of purpose which our party guarantees.
Being a member of our party enables one to belong to a community of Nigerians working towards Nigeria's renewal and renaissance. This community strengthens and encourages each other with ideas, inspiration, strategies, etc towards birthing the Nigeria of our dreams.
It also provides a platform for those willing to run for office, and while in office provides institutional backing and support in carrying out activities and reforms at creating the new Nigeria.

Being a member of ANRP means you are on course to writing your name in gold in the annals of Nigeria’s history as one of those who saw the vision to turn Nigeria’s story around from one of infamy, to one of truly deserved glory.
We shall embark on a reorganization of our security apparatus which is presently beset with many inadequacies from welfare of operatives to equipping. Our intelligence-gathering is weak and this is what culminates in some of the challenges we have. Intelligence would mean curbing such issues before they metastasize.

There is abundance for pastoralists and farmers to thrive and prosper, and they have done so for ages. The problem has been that of bad governance and failure to administer our resources properly. With good governance, empathy, inclusion, equal opportunity, these issues can be permanently laid to rest, without future occurrence.

Of late, Nigerians have been regaled with the perspective that those who come here to cause trouble are citizens of other countries. We shall maintain the territorial integrity of our country such that foreigners shall not come and give us problems. We shall be deploying every innovation and technology because we are a party of innovation and action.

However, offenders who kill, maim and destroy properties shall face the full weight of the law.

We shall promote reconciliation and cohesion across board.
We see Nigeria as a land of abundance for all. We have every intention of reversing the trend of bad governance which alienates most Nigerians and cause many of us to flee Nigeria in hopes of a better life elsewhere. We are very sad at the increased pace of illegal migration of our youths through the tortuous Sahara Desert in the last few years and will ensure Nigeria has an ABUNDANCE of youth employment to creatively engage our youth and curb the death of our youths through that risky venture to zero.
We see the disenfranchisement of Nigerians in the diaspora from voting in elections in Nigeria as unjust, inappropriate, and unacceptable.
Nigerian diasporans, according to records, contribute more to Nigeria's GDP than oil. Therefore such a very key segment of our population should not be continually precluded from having a say in choosing the people who run Nigeria despite their numerous contributions, economic, intellectual and otherwise.

As a party we take our diaspora members very seriously. We see them as a resource to be tapped and maximized. We have a directorate specially dedicated to attending to their affairs and concerns. And indeed they have full voting rights and equal opportunity in our party.

Other nations even within Africa are rapidly reforming their electoral systems and giving bigger voices to their expatriates. Senegal recently granted them 15 seats on its parliament, meaning they can now be voted for. Nigeria being a major country in Africa must show a better example. For this reason, pushing for full diaspora voting rights is one of our key planks at ANRP and this shall be duly pursued in or out of power.
Yes they can. Our party already has many active members in the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Turkey, Japan, France, with the number of countries growing.
Yes we are as culturally diverse as can be, and it is one of our greatest strengths.
This can be achieved by having a values reorientation. We shall embark on mass reorientation and engage the youth to bring our society to the standards that we see in positively advanced countries. Corruption, unruliness, indiscipline, disobedience of law and order, crime, misdemeanors, disrespect and other ills go together and would have to be tackled together. The trick, we believe, is to recruit our vibrant youths to be vanguards of society and to thereby create a great future for themselves.

Leadership by example is key. And so, we have embedded in THIS IS OUR OWN (our manifesto) and our constitution, the necessity for anyone elected on our platform to openly declare their assets and liabilities. This is important because the populace look up to leaders for example. We at ANRP have committed to doing right by Nigerians, to sacrificing our time and energy, and even our material resources towards the advancement of our beloved nation. We believe that Nigerians are good people, who enthusiastically follow good examples. We believe that good examples have become rare in the Nigerian political space for decades now.

We shall ensure transparency and openness in government transactions as well as encouraging public scrutiny. Procurement and other processes shall be done online to ensure transparency and inclusion with equal opportunity. Technology will be deployed in transactions across board. Institutions shall be strengthened to perform their statutory roles. The system shall be continuously purged of corrupt persons as well as processes that allow for practices. Offenders shall be promptly prosecuted and face the full force of the law.
We see the current central command-and-control structure with a mighty federal government as ineffective, inefficient, and a relic in terms. We believe in a "weaker" Federal Government, which would however be stronger in terms of visioning for the entire country.
The role of the federal government should be that of oversight, regulation, visioning, leadership, and setting of policy directions. The FG should concern itself with few key areas like defence and national security, and other such key areas that only the federal government can administer.

Local government autonomy should be granted and assured. States and local governments, should maximize their comparative advantage and pay taxes to the Federal Government. This is a prerequisite for fast-paced, holistic development that is sustainable.
The commitment to make Local Governments strong however behooves on us to ensure that only our strongest leaders occupy positions at that level. The current scenario whereby LG posts are reserved for the lowest intellects will be reversed. This is because it takes a lot of vision, collaboration, maturity and of course altruism to properly chart the course at the local level, and ensure that everything our people look forward to in governance, is provided and maintained.
The UN Economic Commission states that “Good Governance has 8 major characteristics. It is participatory, consensus-oriented, accountable, transparent, responsive, effective and efficient, equitable and inclusive and follows the rule of law. It assures that corruption is minimized, the view of minorities is taken into account and that the voices of the most vulnerable in society are heard in decision-making. It is also responsive to the present and future needs of society”.

We agree and adopt this as our definition of good governance, and shall work to build institutions to deliver these to Nigerians on a continuous basis and until it becomes the dominant culture.

We hold ourselves (as well as others) by the highest standards and shall rather emphasize and concentrate on Human Development Indices, Gross National Happiness, Gross Wellbeing, Corruption Perception Indices, etc which make meaning to everyday citizens, other than GDP which most don't understand. We believe these other indices speak to how much of good governance we are achieving, rather than the mathematic and static index called GDP. However, for the purpose of comparison, we shall still report the economy on the basis of GDP.
Nigerians love sports. Sports bring people together, sports generate happiness, sports provide a means of recreation, sports serves as source of generating revenue, sports create jobs. It is a means of unleashing untapped talents in our citizens especially the youths. We take sports very seriously.

To this extent, we shall take sports back to the grassroots again, rejigging sports festivals that bring our youths together. Festivals like the Principals Cup which served as a veritable source for football talents, as well as NIPOGA/NUGA games which threw up Olympic talents in the heydays of Nigeria, shall be revived.

We see sports as a money-spinner, a huge source of tourism, and indeed a source of national respect. Our motto is RENEWAL, RENAISSANCE, RESPECT! And so, the focus on sports is very fitting. While not taking our eyes off the need to be creative and produce what we need for ourselves through a focus on manufacturing, we believe sports is a platform for a country to groom its youth and produce a fit and agile population. We believe sports does a lot to reduce sickness in society.

In terms of specifics, we shall have a strategic review of all sports infrastructure in Nigeria, and ensure their revival and optimal use by drawing up a plan to that effect. We note that Nigeria has never put to optimal use, its past investment in sports infrastructure and we are here to change that!

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    The party has committed to focus on councilorship elections - even though we shall contest for every other positions. We understand the need to start from the very grassroots. We are calling for members who are desirous of contesting for councilorship elections. We intend for the party to fund these lucky and hardworking people who have chosen to serve their people are the grassroots where it matters most. The requirements are: 1. Impeccable character. 2. Mass appeal among your constitutency.




    Borno State is a big state for ANRP




    Kano also represented!




    Our State Chapters have been organising themselves with great results. ANRP is set to change the political landscape by doing politics the right way and from a grassroots point of view.  We shall be sharing some of our pictorial evidences going forward





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